About the Conference

Benchmarking is the search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance.” This definition concentrates on achieving superior performance. In this regard it pursues the best of the best practices, best of class, or best of breed. That is, those best practices that are to be pursued regardless of where they exist – in one’s own company, industry, or outside one’s industry. It is only this view that will ensure superiority rather than parity”, Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) 

The 2nd Iran’s International Benchmarking Conference 2018 is a platform for idea exchange designed to provide profit-impacting information to senior executives, entrepreneurs, general managers, business excellence and quality experts, academicians and university students from a wide array of industries. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals improve their operations and tactics in order to impact bottom-line profits.


The conference is anchored with best practices and leading benchmarking presentations derived from the first-hand sources of experienced experts. These presentations opens perspectives on benchmarking and examples of associated risks such as problems with external benchmarking, political battles, lack of motivation, and inability to know what “good” is as well as copying the competitions strategy irrespective of the environmental conditions. It also explains types of benchmarking, why benchmarking is a powerful change management tool, and its importance to organizational and national socioeconomic performance.


As business leaders understand, the ability to quickly adjust to new volatile conditions and continually improve operationally efficiencies through learning from best practices is a must. The core of this conference will address Learning Experience, Big Data boom and Social Media, Innovation, Change Management and Adaptability, Sustainability in terms of Environmental and Social Initiatives, Value-Centric Customer Focus With over 400 professionals expected to meet in Tehran, Iran on 5-6 Feb 2018.

Conference Committee has created a schedule packed full of best practices, leading edge resources, expert presentations, and the best networking opportunities.

This conference is designed to inspire, motivate, and educate managers on how to improve the positive influence they have on the people around them.  Becoming better is not something that just happens; good leaders continually work to make themselves better, and the 2nd Iran’s International Benchmarking Conference 2018 will do just that!




About the Organizers

Iran’s Benchmarking Network (IRBN)

Iran’s Benchmarking Network (IRBN) is a wing to Intelligent Persians Consultants (IPC Group). This network is aimed to help its members develop their approach use benchmarking tools in a professional manner.  Focusing on best practice sharing and learning, IRBN’s mission is to improve cognitive abilities, increase creativity and innovation, and promote the culture of modesty and learning from better practices.


ally. Rating entities, as an axis to the group, is our well-practices method to identify and distinguish professional and transparent businesspeople with better performance against others.


This initiative’s tangible outcome is an in-depth understanding before the creation of a “proper” relation with a “proper” person at a “proper” time. As for this, our emphasis in shaping the networks is on “rating”, which is exceled by the development of a database containing the financial, economic and productivity information of more than 1000 Iranian companies by sector with a worth of 30% of the Iranian non-oil GDP. This facilitates the use of Performance Benchmarking and provides new benchmarking opportunities. Benefiting from a systematic and integrated logic, we are using the best possible way to collect information so that companies can evaluate their general status compared to their competitors (or best practices) by sharing their basic yet influential information such as that brought in their financial statement.

IPC Group is a member of Global Benchmarking Network.


Global Benchmarking Network (GBN)


Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) is a global network of organizations and experts focused on promoting and facilitating the use of benchmarking and sharing of best practices by helping each other, and working together.