Workshop II- Hans Van Beek, Process Survey Tool 

11-12 October 2014

Price: US$850

The 2-days workshop explains about the Process Survey Tool (PST) as a benchmarking tool. It shows descriptions for each approach from “non-existent” to “World class”. It guides teams where they are on the ladder of excellence and to do next. If used in larger organizations, the tool facilitates comparison of good practices between departments, business units etc. Equally, small organizations could do comparisons in professional networks.

“The use of a business excellence models like the EFQM Model as well as other well-known models provide a holistic view of the maturity of an organization in terms of excellence.

However the Model itself doesn’t answer the often raised question how to make progress at department or process level such that by the time the organization is assessed again the score based on the Model will have improved.

In addition to this question the challenge is how to involve all the key people in the organization in the improvement process.

PST’s are designed to facilitate the different functional teams in the organization to perform self-assessment based on their key processes. They consist of sets of questions related to the maturity and performance of business process that are scored. A higher level cannot be scored until the lower level of performance is fully met. The PST’s provide guidance to the teams about what should be done to achieve the next level and what is considered “world class” performance in these functions.

PST’s have been developed for almost all functions in business organizations. Once each of the functions has done self-assessment and taken the results to drive improvement in their function, the improvement at the holistic level will be significant. Because all functions in the organization will be able to do this self-assessment, a much larger number of people in the organization will get involved in the improvement drive.  PST’s also provide an excellent basis for internal and external benchmarking.

The seminar will show you examples of PST’s, how they were designed and used. It will show you also that PST’s can be designed for very specific government and private organizations when needed.”


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